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Here On Lily Creek

Let's Talk About Christmas After Losing A Loved One

There are two times of year where I miss my Dad the MOST: Christmas and branding day. Christmas and branding also happen to be my favorite two days of the year. I want to take a second to talk about Christmas after you’ve lost a loved one. There is an empty chair. Does someone sit in it? Do you put their stocking up? Forever, or just at first? Do you fill it? For a million years we got Dad those little Tootsie Roll piggy bank things. It’s nearly impossible for me to go down the Christmas candy isle and not...

My Story

My Story

I am really not sure how to begin this: with my first life, or my second life. No, I don't mean reincarnation. I mean pre-30 years old, or post-30 years old. They really were two different lives. I guess, for lack of a better approach, I will follow the self-biographical norm of chronology. I grew up on what is now a 110 year old family cattle ranch outside of Ekalaka, Montana. To say that being raised on a ranch molded me into who I am today, would be the understatement of the century, but I will not go into depth on that on this post😉 I grew up with...